The situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been and continues to change rapidly. Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) has deliberated in response to the safety of holding a physical graduation at its campuses in December 2021 noting:

  1. COVID-19 outbreaks continue and will continue to occur into the future.
  2. There is no certainty that Australia will have most of its population fully vaccinated by December 2021.
  3. The COVID-19 emergency measures including lockdowns imposed by the Victorian and New South Wales governments will be ongoing and
  4. The COVID-19 two-metre square rule is operational in all venues that MIT has considered for hosting its 2021 graduation. This will severely limit the number of graduands and guests that would be accepted indoors at these venues.

Therefore, the decision has been made that the 2021 Graduation Ceremony be cancelled (i.e.: there will be no physical or virtual graduation ceremony). Although the ceremony has been cancelled, students are able to ‘Graduate in Absentia’, meaning the degree will be conferred by MITs Academic Board.

This decision was not made lightly, and we understand how disappointing this decision is for our students and their families. We apologise for any inconvenience and seek your understanding as this decision was made to protect the health and safety of our graduates, staff and our community are our priority.

Further updates to all approved graduands whose graduation ceremonies were postponed will be sent by e-mail and SMS. Therefore it is essential that your contact details are up to date in AMS. If you have already completed your program, please send an email to with your updated details by 11:59pm on Tuesday 31 August, 2021.

For further information please refer to the FAQs below.

Graduation FAQs

We recognise that many students will wonder why we have taken steps to cancel this event in advance. The reason is that there continues to be uncertainty regarding how long social distancing restrictions will be in place, or what the easing of social distancing will entail which severely limits the number of graduands and guests that would be accepted indoors at our graduation venues.

In addition, the continuing COVID-19 lockdown in both Victoria and New South Wales and advice on the likelihood of future lockdown outbreaks in these states, plus with no certainty that Australia will have most of its population fully vaccinated by December 2021, experts’ advice is that the impacts relating to COVID-19 are likely to be felt for the remainder of 2021.

The cancellation of the December graduation ceremony does not impact the official conferral processes as conferral is contingent on students who have completed their program applying to graduate "in absentia".

To ensure the cancellation of the 2021 graduation ceremony will not impact your position in applying for employment or other opportunities in your post-university career, you need to apply to graduate in absentia. We will send your testamur to the mailing address as per the details listed in the Graduation Portal, within 15 calendar days from the conferral date (2 December 2021). Please note this only applies to students who have been identified and approved as graduands.

No. If you decide not to apply to graduate in absentia in the 2021 Graduation, you will be eligible to apply for future graduation ceremonies, whilst still having received your official academic transcript and completion letter.

All students who wish to apply to graduate "in absentia" in 2021 must apply via our normal graduation application process. This application will enable us to administer the conferral required for your degree, even though the ceremony has been cancelled.

Please note by applying to graduate in 2021, you agree to graduate in absentia.

Graduating in Absentia means although there is no requirement to attend a physical ceremony, your degree will be conferred by MITs Academic Board. Students who have been approved as Graduands by their respective School are eligible to graduate in absentia.

No. Students who graduate in absentia will not be eligible to attend a future Graduation Ceremony for that same qualification.

Students who have “prepaid” to attend the December 2021 graduation fee will have received communication from our friendly Finance staff with a Refund Application Form attached. It is essential that this form be completed with the correct account details for an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a nominated account and returned to the Finance staff.

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, students are unable to be fitted in full academic dress and have their photo taken.

MIT will advise the 2021 graduating class of any changes to the above once these restrictions ease.


Applications for December 2021 conferral close at 11:59pm, Tuesday 31 August, 2021.

How can I apply to graduate in absentia?
Before applying you need to make sure:

  • You have met all your course requirements
  • You have successfully completed your units including your internship (for Engineering students only) and
  • You do not have outstanding MIT fees including but not limited to penalty fees and library fees.

Once you have completed the above requirements, please fill your 'Application to Graduate’ including updating your personal contact information at the Graduation Portal, such as mailing address, personal e-mail address and mobile phone, before the deadline so your award can be conferred in early December.

You will need to apply to graduate in absentia before the 11:59pm, Tuesday 31 August so your degree can be conferred in 2021.

For international students:

For visa help contact the Department of Home Affairs if your student visa expires before your graduation date.

Staff from the Office of Student Administration and Experience can supply any documentation you need.